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Dumbo : start with a bang at the box office French with more than 500 000 entries

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Cinema : Last love, Walter, Who loves me follow me !… The movies of the week

While “The Great Lego Adventure 2″ is out in theaters hexagonal, focus on other animated films Lego in preparation. 2019 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. The Great Lego Adventure 2 was just recently released in theaters in france. The opportunity to update you on the upcoming animated film Lego in preparation. Fans of these toys, rejoice : should soon see the day a sequel to Lego Batman in 2017 and an adventure titled ” The Trillion Brick Race. Lego, Playmobil, Barbie, Funko : toys come alive to the screen The director Chris McKay confirmed last December that Lego Batman 2 was well into development. “We are working on it at this very moment. In the meantime, LEGO Batman will be very present in LEGO 2”, had indicated the Us on the social networks. The proposed spin-off The Billion Brick Race, focus on racing and announced in march 2015, with the duo Jason Segel/Drew Pearce to write has been a bit of a delay since it was originally out in theaters this year. Anything to worry about ? And what about a third part of the Great Adventure Lego ? The fans are no doubt eagerly awaiting the green light from the studios Warner, but the figures are modest in the second film (almost $ 106 million of revenue in the world to this day), compared to those of the first (469 million), people tend not necessarily to the optimism. The Great Adventure Lego : 15 the cult characters from pop culture and their alter-Lego : See the slideshow Slideshow The Great adventure Lego : the 15 characters cult of pop culture and their alter-Lego 15 photos

The Order : season 2 ordered by Netflix
The song "I dance the mia" IAM going to become a movie with Rayane Bensetti and Jul

Sunday 24 February was broadcast on HBO the last episode of season 3 of “True Detective” with Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff. Already aired in the US+24 on the OCS, the series is since today available as a legal download. The third season of True Detective, which ended on Sunday, February 24 in the United States at the end of 8 episodes, with bated breath, is available from today on the platforms of legal downloading. Broadcast in the US+24 on OCS, it follows Wayne Hays, a detective at retirement that can not forget the survey that he has conducted into the disappearance of a twelve-year old boy and his sister ten-year-old West Finger, in Arkansas in the 80’s. With the help of a producer of documentary of various facts, it will come back into his memories sometimes distorted by his failing memory. True Detective : what is the season 3 with Mahershala Ali ?
This series of anthology, which has previously allowed Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson and Colin Farrell to try his hand at television, this time in the scene, Mahershala Ali, oscar winner for his interpretation of Don Shirley in the Green Book, in the role of a police officer obsessed by this survey. Has its sides, we can find Stephen Dorff, discovered in Roseanne and Blade, but also Carmen Ejogo, as we could see in Alex Cross, and the second installment of American Nightmare.

Season 3 of True Detective is available in French version and VOST, on any platform, Canal Plus, Google Play, ITunes, Orange, Sony Playstation and Xbox.

Thanksgiving on Arte : "It is Scenes of married life revised and corrected by John Le Carré" [INTERVIEW]
Tonight on tv : matt "Me, Tonya" and "Peter Rabbit"

Definitely the movie thunders against Netflix. If the giant of the streaming can be proud of the victory of Alfonso Cuaron for Roma, this is not the case of the operators, who accuses Netflix have bought the wins and the Oscars will be devalued. Netflix In the 80’s, Jean-Luc Godard announced tragically, ” the cinema is dead “. In 2007, Peter Greenaway at the festival of Pusan, wore a similar finding : “The date of the death of cinema is on the 31st September 1983, when the remote control is prevalent in the salons “. 2019, Detlef Rossmann, president of the international Confederation of art house cinemas and testing (CICAE), accusing the Oscars of being devalued by offering many rewards to Roma by Alfonso Cuaron. It is not the death of cinema but the death of cinemas.

After Cannes, it is the turn of the Oscars to raise the controversy with Netflix. Film or not film ? The question already sounds like a corny old tune, and no shortage of inspiring different actors, the CICAE at the AFCAE (association française des cinémas art et essai), which is expressed, through its president François Aymé, in the editorial of the Mail Art & Essay of January. It accuses the giant of the streaming of limiting the exploitation of its productions to a single online channel to the detriment of the cinema, and have led a massive campaign for this year and 2019, where the celebration around the Roma .

For Tim Richards, CEO of the cinema chain English View International : “Netflix should not under-estimate the value and the impact of an output in the room for his own productions, and we hope that it remains open to discussion on how to reach a wider audience in the future with the operators “. An attempt of conciliation that does not seem ready to adopt all the world. Christian Brauer, of the association of operators of German, AG Kino is more vindictive : “of Course, Netflix didn’t care about Roma , he just wanted to use the Oscars as a way to promote their brand. And try to force through their policy, which makes the gap in the circuit of rooms “.

In spite of everything, the voice of the operators is not uniform and some, like Jason Chae, CEO of independent distributor Korean Mirovision did not see the giant of the streaming of an evil eye : “Netflix has allowed the film most small and experimental to reach a large audience and on other territories. I personally was glad to be able to find a film that I missed at Sundance and was available on Netflix. Consumption patterns are evolving and perhaps it is time that the industry is also changing “.

The exponential growth of Netflix’s scary. Its presence in the world emerges as a key player in the distribution of films as a series. We can actually congratulate Netflix to have helped Roma to exist, to provide visibility to the works, which would have missed, to allow the dissemination on a large scale, at a lower cost. Netflix is entered in the current language. You said “what is there on tv ?” but ” what is on Netflix ? “. For the moment, we always say that we are going to the cinema. The exhibitors of art and tries, who do not have the kidneys as strong as the multiplex fear a change of paradigm. You can hear this fear. Listen to the podcast of the debriefing of the Oscars and Caesar of Allociné :

Co-created by Stan Lee and Neil Biswas, the british series “Lucky Man” is available recently on DVD and Blu-ray. Check out a preview of this thriller brought by James Nesbitt (“Jekyll”), a monument to the small screen in the uk. Disappeared last November, Stan Lee continues to live through all his work, which has never ceased to delight several generations of fans over the decades. What is less known is that one of his creations is still unreleased in France : he is Lucky Man, a supernatural thriller broadcast on the screens british between January 2016 and September 2018. The series is a total of 3 seasons and 28 episodes. This gap can now be repaired since the season 1 of this fiction is available recently on DVD and Blu-ray from Koba Films. And season 2 will follow on 5 June. We offer above is an excerpt to give you a little preview… Stan Lee : a tribute by 37 caméos ! With Lucky Man, Stan Lee has afflublé his hero power quite unexpected. And less spectacular. But no less precious for all that. This is the chance. The concept germinated in his mind when he was asked about the power with which he would have liked to have. The father of the franchise Marvel has imagined – with the help of Neil Biswas – a compulsive gambler who is left with a mysterious good luck charm. Inspector of police, debt-ridden, Harry Clayton sees his life drift away because of his addiction to the game. The gives is going to change when a stranger leaves him with a strap antique which lets you control the chance. The catch is that this power has a price. And Clayton will learn this to his cost. Co-produced by the creators of Downton Abbey, this series is dark, sprinkled with action is situated half-way between the thriller and the police. The protagonist of Lucky Man is played by James Nesbitt. The actor’s irish, undeniable talent and presence was revealed by the comedy Cold Feet rewarded on numerous occasions on british television. She has also earned Nesbitt won a British Comedy Awards in 2000. Paul Greengrass directs then in Bloody Sunday, retracing the beginning of the civil war in northern Ireland in the 70’s. In 2003, he became a cop depressive infiltrated in a gang with The law of Murphy. Steven Moffat entrusts the title role of Jekyll in its contemporary version. And the viewers of France 3 the discover in the spring of 2017 in the shoes of a father saddened by the loss of his son in season 1 of The Missing. If a season 4 of Lucky Man is not on the agenda, there is no doubt that James Nesbitt is very quickly a new challenge. Had you noticed that ? All appearances of Stan Lee… Have you noticed ? Emissions Bonus

From 3 to 7 April, the town of Beaune will host the 11th edition of the Festival of the detective film. Discover the film selection and the personalities expected to side jury. Discover the program of the 11th Festival of the detective movie Beaune, which will be held from 3 to 7 April next. The jury will be chaired by Benoît Jacquot, surrounded by Mélanie Bernier, Alice Isaaz, Lolita Chammah, François Civil, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Agathe Bonitzer, Pitch Marshall and Nicolas Saada. The list of films in the official competition : Opening : Piranhas by Claudio Giovannesi (Italy) Alpha – The Right to Kill Brillante Mendoza (Philippines) Cities of Last Things by Wi Ding Ho (Taiwan, China, France, USA) El reino de Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Spain, France) factory of Yuri Bykov (Russia, France, Armenia) – bird of passage of Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego (Colombia, Mexico, Denmark, France) Rojo of Banjamin Naishtat (Argentina, Brazil, France, The netherlands, Germany) Savage of Cui Siwei (China) The jury new Blood will be comprised of Samuel Benchetrit (president), accompanied by Iris Bry, Esther Garrel, Diane Rouxel, Frédéric Tellier.

The list of competing films new Blood : Chained to Yaron Shani (Israel, Germany) Donnybrook Tim Sutton (USA) sorting starts Across Concrete of S. Craig Zahler (USA, Canada) Duel of Olivier Masset-Depasse (Belgium, France) Nevada de Laure de Clermont-Tonnere (France, Belgium) The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea by Syllas Tzoumerkas (Greece, Germany, netherlands, Sweden)
The list of films out of competition : Banco de Koldo Serra (Spain) Bluebird of Jérémie Guez (France, Belgium) Chabrol, the anti-conformist by Cécile Maistre-Chabrol (France), documentary, The Operative of Yuval Adler (Germany, Israel, France, USA), closing The great run of Christoph &Wolfgang Lauenstein (Germany, Belgium, China), the animation film will be presented in session children >>> learn more : The trailer of El reino, presented in competition at the Festival de Beaune : El Reino trailer VO