True Detective : season 3 with Mahershala Ali available as a legal download

Sunday 24 February was broadcast on HBO the last episode of season 3 of “True Detective” with Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff. Already aired in the US+24 on the OCS, the series is since today available as a legal download. The third season of True Detective, which ended on Sunday, February 24 in the United States at the end of 8 episodes, with bated breath, is available from today on the platforms of legal downloading. Broadcast in the US+24 on OCS, it follows Wayne Hays, a detective at retirement that can not forget the survey that he has conducted into the disappearance of a twelve-year old boy and his sister ten-year-old West Finger, in Arkansas in the 80’s. With the help of a producer of documentary of various facts, it will come back into his memories sometimes distorted by his failing memory. True Detective : what is the season 3 with Mahershala Ali ?
This series of anthology, which has previously allowed Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson and Colin Farrell to try his hand at television, this time in the scene, Mahershala Ali, oscar winner for his interpretation of Don Shirley in the Green Book, in the role of a police officer obsessed by this survey. Has its sides, we can find Stephen Dorff, discovered in Roseanne and Blade, but also Carmen Ejogo, as we could see in Alex Cross, and the second installment of American Nightmare.

Season 3 of True Detective is available in French version and VOST, on any platform, Canal Plus, Google Play, ITunes, Orange, Sony Playstation and Xbox.

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